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Meldungen vom 01.12.2010

  • Vodafone nimmt LTE in Betrieb


    Breitband-Internet ist seit Mittwoch auch in den ersten der bisher DSL-freien ländlichen Regionen Deutschlands verfügbar. …mehr

  • Neue IBM-Prozessoren unterhalten sich mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit

    CMOS Integrated Silicon Nanophotonics

    Auf der Fachkonferenz Semicon in Tokio haben IBM-Forscher eine neuartige Chiptechnik vorgestellt, die elektrische und optische Bauelemente auf einem Siliziumstück integriert.  …mehr

  • E-Book-Plattform steht in den Startlöchern

    "Google Editions"

    Google steht kurz davor, den Verkauf von E-Books zu starten. …mehr

  • De Maizière zieht "rote Linie" im Datenschutz und bleibt gelassen


    Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière hat die "rote Line" zum Datenschutz gezogen. …mehr

  • iPhone-Lieferant baut iPad-Kamera

    iPad 2

    Es sind neue Gerüchte zum Nachfolger des Apple iPad an die Oberfläche gespült worden. Demnach soll nun einer der Zulieferer für den neuen Touch-Computer feststehen.  …mehr

  • Streibich fordert Industriepolitik für Softwarebranche


    Eine Woche vor dem IT-Gipfel 2010 in Dresden fordert der Vorstandschef der Software AG mehr politische Unterstützung für die deutsche Hightech-Industrie. …mehr

  • Android wird in Europa Symbian überholen


    Nach Meinung der Marktforscher von IDC sind die Tage des Nokia-Systems Symbian an der Spitze des europäischen Smartphone-Marktes gezählt.  …mehr

  • Interpol schreibt Wikileaks-Gründer Assange zur Fahndung aus

    Antrag aus Schweden

    Der wegen Vergewaltigungsverdachts in Schweden gesuchte Wikileaks-Gründer Julian Assange steht jetzt auch auf der Fahndungsliste von Interpol. …mehr

  • Lufthansa geht über den Wolken wieder online

    FlyNet ist zurück

    Die Lufthansa bietet ab sofort wieder das Surfen über den Wolken an. …mehr

  • Preise für Weiterleitung im Mobilfunk drastisch gesenkt


    Für die deutschen Mobilfunkbetreiber kommt es knüppeldick. …mehr

  • Update für Windows Phone 7 kommt Anfang 2011

    Microsoft bestätigt

    Die vollmundigen Ankündigungen über das erste Update von Windows Phone 7 schlugen offenbar so hohe Wellen, dass sich Microsoft gezwungen sah, darauf zu antworten. …mehr

  • Gläubiger bekommen Geld zurück


    Die Gläubiger des insolventen Handyherstellers BenQ Mobile bekommen den Großteil ihres Geldes zurück. …mehr

  • Sonderzahlungen für Arbeitnehmer

    Bonus, 13. Gehalt, Weihnachtsgeld, Gratifikationen

    Welche arbeitsvertraglichen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten es für den Arbeitgeber gibt, erklärt Dr. Norbert Pflüger.  …mehr

  • Servicekosten lassen sich nur über SLAs steuern

    IT intim - Die Sorgen der CIOs

    Welche Probleme beschäftigen eigentlich einen IT-Service-Manager?  …mehr

  • Weg mit den Hierarchien

    Generation Y

    Sinnvolle Arbeit zählt mehr als Geld, Schutz der Privatsphäre ist altmodisch - das hat der Pew Charitable Trust über die Generation Y herausgefunden.  …mehr

  • Die besten Tools zur Download-Optimierung

    Gegen langsamen Datentransfer

    Die Geschwindigkeit beim Surfen im Internet nimmt man unmittelbar wahr, denn das führt bei langsamem Seitenaufbau zu Wartezeit. Die richtigen Tools beschleunigen Seitendarstellung und Downloads. Durch Automatisierung und einfachere Bedienung erleichtern Sie zudem indirekt Ihre Arbeit.  …mehr

    Von Ramon Schwenk
  • New Civ V Maps on Steam

    Premium-Inhalt. 2K has released a new map pack for Civ V that allows players to play maps in different parts of Earth.

  • Specialty iPad apps for business users

    Premium-Inhalt. There are many, many uses of an . InfoWorld.com has selected the productivity suite that every , but individual employees have plenty of work needs that require specialty apps.

  • What you should know about Next Generation Firewalls


  • Verizon: You Can Thank Us for Android's Success

    Premium-Inhalt. Everybody knows that , but did you know that Verizon Wireless is the reason for the success of Google's Android mobile OS?

  • eSports Update: GSL 3 Round of 32, DreamHack Recap

    Premium-Inhalt. While you were stuffing your face over Thanksgiving weekend, Global Starcraft League and DreamHack competitors were throwing down in some amazing matches. Read on to see what you missed.

  • Dell CFO: Tablets will gain ground in enterprises

    Premium-Inhalt. Tablets will slowly gain acceptance in the enterprise, and in the long term could possibly could replace laptops as a primary computing device, a Dell executive said this week.

  • FTC calls for online do-not-track effort to protect privacy


  • Is a next-generation firewall in your future?

    Premium-Inhalt. The traditional port-based enterprise firewall, now looking less like a guard and more like a pit stop for Internet applications racing in through the often open ports 80 and 443, is slowly losing out to a new generation of brawny, fast, intelligent .

  • IE9 beta hits 15 million downloads, but Google Chrome cuts into Microsoft share

    Premium-Inhalt. Internet Explorer 9 has been downloaded 15 million times by since the beta was unveiled 10 weeks ago, said Wednesday.

  • Women desire iPhones, men want Android smartphones

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple iOS and Google Android are the most desired mobile operating systems, with the iPhone especially popular among women and Android phones grabbing more men.

  • Verizon sets the bar for future LTE launches

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon Wednesday laid down some important markers that AT&T and T-Mobile will try to match or best when they launch their own LTE networks next year.

  • What security wrought in 2010

    Premium-Inhalt. Every year, I try to the top in for the upcoming year. To give myself a sense of accountability I always look back at how well those predictions worked out and either abandon them or double-down for the next year! It's time to test my annual security predictions for 2010.   

  • Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Images Your OS...Free

    Premium-Inhalt. Try and say "" five times quickly. I dare you. On second thought, I dare you to remember it for five seconds. Okay, I'm kidding... mostly. Despite the long-winded moniker, BR2010FAE (pronounced by yours truly as Bur-Two-Ten-Fay, or Bur-Fay for short since I already know what year it is) is a very competent imaging/backup program with a number of useful features not commonly found in freebies. In fact, it's a bit hard to believe that they give this thing away.

  • Every Talk I Have About Buying a Laptop Goes Like This…

    Premium-Inhalt. Because I'm the editor in charge of coverage for PCWorld, I'm frequently asked for advice by friends, family, and coworkers looking to get a new laptop. That's not really surprising, and it's not even unwelcome. What surprises me is just how similar the conversations are to one another. From home to business users, casual shoppers to dialed-in tech professionals, the memes are the same. Basically, every conversation I have about buying a laptop goes something like this...

  • NBN first release sites to trial telehealth

    Premium-Inhalt. Two of the first mainland release sites under the National Broadband Network (NBN) will receive telehealth monitoring units in coming months, as part of a $4 million trial conducted by NSW Health.

  • New legislation and rising confidence create encouraging outlook for small business sector

    Premium-Inhalt. With the ink still damp on the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, small business owners are already feeling more confident as this difficult year draws to a close.

  • Cloud 'exacerbates' privacy issues: EFA

    Premium-Inhalt. Educating the enterprise about the privacy risks of using the cloud is vital, Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has warned.

  • Taskforce takes down child porn ring

    Premium-Inhalt. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has joined forces with a global taskforce of enforcement agencies to break a network of commercial child pornography websites.

  • Verizon's LTE pricing may trigger 4G rate war

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon Wireless is undercutting its own 3G plans with pricing for the LTE network scheduled to go live on Sunday, possibly marking the beginning of a fight to capture high-speed wireless subscribers.

  • WikiLeaks launches Web War III

    Premium-Inhalt. Well, that certainly got everyone's attention.

  • ClickyTouch update brings Web analytics to iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. In November, Stephen Reynolds's ; the app acts as a client for , a real-time Web analytics service for Website owners. Now 1.2 not only brings access to past traffic data but also adds an iPad-specific interface that takes full advantage of the tablet's larger display.

  • HP Envy100 e-All-in-One MFP

    Premium-Inhalt. HP's Envy100 e-All-in-One (for printing, copying, and scanning) makes being decorative a higher priority than being useful. Created with the same stylistic flair as HP's like-named laptops, such as the , the Envy100 gets green points for being free of PVC plastic and for having ink cartridges made with recycled materials. Unfortunately, the $250 price (as of November 30, 2010) does not buy you decent speed or cheap inks. Aesthetically pleasing rivals include the and the .

  • Gifts for photographers

    Premium-Inhalt. Thanksgiving's over, December has arrived, and that means we're marching into the thick of the holiday season. Given that, in this episode we look at a class of gifts that remain popular for and from geeks--photography. I speak with senior contributor Ben Long about shopping for gifts for the photographically inclined.

  • Save big with three new Mac software bundles

    Premium-Inhalt. December is here, and as bundles of gifts slowly accumulate under Christmas trees, bundles of Mac software are also emerging throughout the Web. If you're looking for hefty savings on Mac software, we can point you to three new bundles on the market, all of which combine numerous apps from various developers and price them at a fraction of their combined value.

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