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Meldungen vom 13.08.2010

  • Personalausweis - Experten warnen

    Sicherheit für den ePA-Ausweis

    Auch der Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte Peter Schaar hält den ab November 2010 verfügbaren Personalausweis (ePA) für sicher. Das aber stimmt nicht. …mehr

  • Adaptive Software Development (ASD)

    Agile Softwareentwicklung

    Nach dem Entwickler der ASD-Methodik, James A. Highsmith III, lassen sich auch komplexe Systeme mit einfachen Grundregeln gestalten. …mehr

  • ActiF von Microtool

    Agile Softwareentwicklung

    ActiF ist ein von der Firma Microtool entwickeltes Vorgehensmodell zur Softwareplanung und Softwareentwicklung. …mehr

  • Sprachsteuerung für Android-Handys

    Sag's einfach

    Sprache ist die natürlichste Art, mit dem Handy zu interagieren. Genau das hat Google jetzt mit "Voice Actions" für Android-Smartphones möglich gemacht. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Deutsch-Schweizer Mega-Merger im IT-Handel

    Also und Actebis

    In der schweizerisch-deutschen IT-Branche steht eine Mega-Fusion auf dem Programm. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Duden-Rechtschreibkorrektur für Web-Editoren

    TinyMCE und CKEditor

    Die Technologiesparte des Dudenverlags bietet jetzt eine Softwarelösung an, mit der auch Texte in Webanwendungen auf die geltenden Rechtschreib- und Grammatikregeln geprüft und korrigiert werden können. …mehr

  • Oracle verklagt Google wegen angeblicher Patentverletzung

    Android und Java

    Das Software-Unternehmen Oracle hat den Internet-Konzern Google wegen angeblicher Verletzungen von Patenten und des Urheberrechts verklagt. …mehr

  • Lokaler Schutz für Datenbanken

    Sentrigo Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Enterprise ist eine Software zum Monitoring von Datenbankaktivitäten (DAM). Mit ihrer Hilfe sollen Angriffe sowohl von Hackern als auch von "Insidern" abgewehrt werden können - und dies laut Hersteller in Echtzeit und ohne Performanceeinbußen. …mehr

  • Durchwachsene Aussichten für Computerspiele-Branche

    Vor der Gamescom

    Die Computerspiele-Industrie in Deutschland ist erstmals seit Jahren geschrumpft und kann erst ab 2012 wieder auf kräftiges Wachstum hoffen. …mehr

  • Das Internet ist zu schnell für die Politik

    Street View

    Die Aufregung um Google Street View ebbt nicht ab. …mehr

  • Grafikkarten-Spezialist Nvidia verspielt sich

    Tiefrote Zahlen

    Der Grafikkarten-Spezialist Nvidia ist nach einem starken Jahresauftakt im zweiten Geschäftsquartal (1. August) wieder tief in die roten Zahlen gestürzt. …mehr

  • Emtec Movie Cube V120H im Test

    Gute Fernbedienung

    Der Emtec Movie Cube V120H ist eine besonders flache Multimedia-Platte. Lesen Sie, wie das Gerät im Test abgeschnitten hat. …mehr

    Von Verena Ottmann
  • Die richtigen Fragen für ein gutes Leben


    Nur wer ansatzweise im Einklang mit seinen Zielen und Werten lebt, kann glücklich sein. Eine Anleitung dazu liefert ein neuer Ratgeber zur Work-Life-Balance. …mehr

  • Giant nets could some day capture space trash

    Premium-Inhalt. Forget reality for a minute and try to picture an elegant solution to the problem of space garbage. Imagine that each piece of trash floats in space like a butterfly that can be gently scooped up with a net, preventing collisions.

  • Google calls Oracle lawsuit 'baseless,' vows to fight it

    Premium-Inhalt. Google will put up a fight in response to the patent- and copyright-infringement lawsuit that Oracle filed over the use of Java in the Android mobile phone platform.

  • Opinion: IT needs to help secure industrial control systems

    Premium-Inhalt. After the exploited a zero-day vulnerability in a popular industrial controller, it's clear that operators of large-scale infrastructure management systems need to work with the IT security community to better safeguard these critical systems.

  • Stronghold 3 announced, will begin the attack in early 2011

    Premium-Inhalt. SouthPeak Interactive Corporation has announced the latest iteration in its flagship PC real-time strategy series. The game will release worldwide in the first quarter of next year. Read on for the first images and details.

  • Protect Your PC With Critical Adobe Patches

    Premium-Inhalt. Adobe released a this week to address serious security vulnerabilities. The most relevant update for the vast majority of users is the patch for Adobe Flash Player, but IT admins should also be aware of the updates for ColdFusion and Flash Media Server.

  • Jim and Frank Mysteries: The Blood River Files

    Premium-Inhalt. What happens when you mix eccentric family members, an instigator best friend, and an annual birthday quest? , a puzzle-based adventure game from .

  • I Quit! 8 Dramatic Ways to Leave Your Job

    Premium-Inhalt. When you're ready to say "Take this job and shove it," how should you deliver the message? With thanks to JetBlue's newest hero, here's a look at 8 unique job resignations using everything from song to sheetcake.

  • Remains of the Day: Boys will be boys

    Premium-Inhalt. Dan Moren's on vacation, and though you'd never know it, these remainders don't write themselves. I'm stepping in to his shoes just in time to learn about a boy millionaire apparently inspired by Steve Jobs, rumored legal trouble from a rumored product name change, and the latest musings of a billionaire media titan. It's the remains of the day for Friday the 13th, August 2010.

  • Materials research needed to make space elevator a reality

    Premium-Inhalt. While much of the first day of the Space Elevator Conference was dedicated to the problem of space trash, the concept also faces another significant challenge.

  • Rules that games journalism needs

    Premium-Inhalt. Today at QuakeCon, developers speaking on a "Building Blockbusters" panel took issue with "stone-faced" games journalists at product demos, as if the absence of emotional displays in a journalist is somehow a bad thing. Sports journalists never cheer during ballgames -- so why should we?

  • IncrediBooth for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. Photo booths are a vestige of an older time. These days, you may run across one at the mall or on a summer stroll down a boardwalk, but more often than not, fun little moments are captured by the phone in your pocket instead of sliding behind the photo booth curtain.

  • Oracle signals an end to OpenSolaris

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle appeared to confirm this week what many in the computer industry already suspected: The OpenSolaris project is dead.

  • First details on Tony Hawk: Shred

    Premium-Inhalt. Following its E3 2010 announcement, the curtain has finally been pulled back on the latest installation in Activision's long-running Tony Hawk series of skateboarding sims -- Tony Hawk: Shred.

  • Apple Patent Opens New Frontier for Gaming--Documenting

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple may take on a new role in video gaming if its , published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office earlier this week, ever makes it into a product. The patent is for a system that would document your roles in certain video games, and create a comic book chronicling the entire history of your character in a video game.

  • Lab tested: 27-inch Core i5 iMac/3.6GHz (BTO)

    Premium-Inhalt. After posting our for the four new standard configuration iMacs, several readers had the same request: test the new 3.6GHz Core i5 iMac, a built-to-order (BTO) option for the . You spoke, we listened and we ordered a custom 27-inch iMac with the 3.6GHz Core i5 dual core processor, though we upped the ante by adding a second drive to the system, a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) to complement the 1TB 7200-rpm drive that comes standard. We tested the system twice (once booted from the hard drive and then booted from the SSD) and the results are intriguing.

  • The Next Smartphone I'm Buying

    Premium-Inhalt. I should really get the iPhone 4. At least, that's what many readers are saying, after I which smartphone should replace my lint-clogged, sidewalk-scratched .

  • Maybe All The iPhone Needs Is More Antennas

    Premium-Inhalt. , its engineers may want to take a look at some research from Rice University on smartphone antennas.

  • Fable III to release alongside controller-tattoo bundle

    Premium-Inhalt. As per tradition, Microsoft is celebrating the launch of a new iteration of one of its biggest Xbox franchises by introducing a limited edition controller. Unlike some we've seen for other titles, however, this one actually looks cool.

  • ShareTool 2.1 achievement unlocked: iTunes Home Sharing

    Premium-Inhalt. Yazsoft has updated , its remote network access tool, with a number of new features, not the least of which is iTunes Home Sharing.

  • A CIO's journey to proactive IT


  • Bugs & Fixes: Recovering lost contacts

    Premium-Inhalt. I sync my calendar and contacts data across my Mac and all my iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) using the MobileMe option. On most days, this works spectacularly well. It means that, whenever I make a data change on any one of the devices, the change is propagated nearly instantly to every other synced device.

  • Don't get burned – Put some SPF 50 on your business continuity/disaster recovery plan

    Premium-Inhalt. Your bags are packed, you checked them twice, yet at some point the thought will still cross your mind – "Am I forgetting something?"

  • Yoda in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

    Premium-Inhalt. "That which you seek. Inside, you will find." LucasArts brings Yoda into the Force Unleashed 2 storyline, as previously hinted at by Haden Blackman in our exclusive cover story earlier this year.

  • 'Eat Pray Love' film edited entirely in Final Cut Pro

    Premium-Inhalt. , a new Columbia Pictures feature film based on the Elizabeth Gilbert novel of the same title and starring Julia Roberts, was edited entirely in . detailing the editing team's immense task of turning 70 hours of footage shot in four different countries into a two hour film--all on a tight time-frame.

  • Ministers OK fast-track coordination of African ICT policies

    Premium-Inhalt. Under the influence of the African Union (AU), African ministers of information and communication technologies (ICT) have agreed to fast-track the harmonization of telecom policies and regulations in a bid to enhance communication in the region.

  • Budget ultraportable laptops

    Premium-Inhalt. Laptops are getting faster, more portable and cheaper as the back-to-school season rolls in. A new range of lightweight laptops from PC makers priced between US$400 to $600 are as portable as netbooks but offer much better performance.

  • Hurd out at HP, Oracle goes after Android

    Premium-Inhalt. The reign of Hewlett-Packard's former CEO Mark Hurd was bookended by scandal -- only where the first one, in which the HP board was caught spying on journalists and others, allowed Hurd to consolidate power and nab the chairman's job, the second has sent him packing. Meanwhile, Oracle has sued Google, claiming that the Android mobile OS infringes on patents it acquired from Sun Microsystems.

  • Bharti Airtel acquires Telecom Seychelles

    Premium-Inhalt. Just two months after entering the African market, Bharti Airtel has acquired 100 percent ownership of Telecom Seychelles for US$62 million in order to consolidate its share of the African market.

  • Friday the 13th, Part II: Oracle Officially Ends OpenSolaris

    Premium-Inhalt. Well, Oracle seems determined to make this a memorable Friday the 13th. Just as the open source community reels from the impact of an , it has now been revealed that Oracle has internally killed OpenSolaris.

  • Diebstahl am Arbeitsplatz - ermitteln darf nur die Polizei

    Selbsternannte "Detektive" machen sich strafbar

    Von eigenen Nachforschungen und dem Stellen von möglichen "Diebesfallen" wird dringend abgeraten. …mehr

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