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Meldungen vom 28.05.2010

  • iPad-Bauer Foxconn erhöht Löhne um 20 Prozent

    Nach Selbstmorden

    Der weltgrößten Elektronikhersteller Foxconn will nach der Selbstmordserie unter seinen Mitarbeitern die Löhne um 20 Prozent erhöhen.  …mehr

  • Fring ermöglicht Videotelefonie unter Android

    Mit Einschränkungen

    Der Handy-Kommunikationsdienst Fring hat eine neue Version seiner Android-App veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • Android-Nutzung wächst sprunghaft an


    Das Handy-Betriebssystem von Google findet in Deutschland immer mehr Anhänger. Auch die Droidcon-Konferenz in Berlin verzeichnete einen Besucherrekord. …mehr

  • Expeso veröffentlicht drittes Java Trendbarometer


    In ihrem diesjährigen Java Trendbarometer stellt Expeso ein verstärktes Java-Deployment auf Application Servern fest. …mehr

  • Sorge um eigenes Online-Image wächst

    Pimp my profile

    Internetnutzer sorgen sich zunehmend um ihre Online-Reputation. Immer mehr User werden aktiv und nehmen im Web Korrekturen zu ihrer eigenen Person vor. …mehr

  • Farb-Kindle ist "noch ein gutes Stück entfernt"


    Angesichts des iPad-Hypes stehen E-Book-Reader unter Zugzwang, auf Farbdisplays umzurüsten. Das kann allerdings noch dauern, sagte Amazon-Chef Jeff Bezos. Nur ein Bluff? …mehr

  • Nanokristalle ermöglichen Super-Speicherdisks


    Japanische Forscher haben ein Material entdeckt, dass optische Datenträger mit extrem hohen Kapazitäten in Aussicht stellt.  …mehr

  • Bechtle übernimmt Systemhaus iits


    Der IT-Dienstleister Bechtle hat die Übernahme der Systemhausgruppe iits GmbH & Co. KG angekündigt.  …mehr

  • Marktführer hängen ihre Verfolger in der Krise ab

    Fokus auf das Kerngeschäft

    Einer Bain-Studie zufolge sind Marktführer besser durch die Krise gekommen als ihre Verfolger. Ein Schlüssel zum Erfolg ist die Konzentration auf das Kerngeschäft. …mehr

  • Eigenes Handy schlägt eigenes Buch

    Kinder in UK

    Bedrucktes Papier verliert an Bedeutung, der Medienwandel schreitet voran: Eine Umfrage in Großbritannien brachte ans Licht, dass mehr Kinder ein eigenes Handys als ein eigenes Buch besitzen.  …mehr

  • Firefox Home kommt auf das iPhone

    Synchronisieren statt browsen

    Mozilla hat angekündigt, mit Firefox Home auch das iPhone erobern zu wollen. Allerdings handelt es sich bei der in Entwicklung befindlichen App nicht um einen Browser, sondern um ein Synchronisierungstool.  …mehr

  • US-Militär wünscht sich sichere Web-Kommunikation

    "Safer Warfighter Communications"

    Das US-Verteidigungsministerium Department of Defense (DoD) ist auf der Suche nach Mitteln und Wegen, um die militärische Kommunikation über webbasierte Technologien sicherer zu gestalten.  …mehr

  • Notebook-Akkus sterben früh

    Billigersatz kann teuer werden

    Die volle Akku-Leistung von Notebooks bleibt oft nur ein paar Monate erhalten, und der Exitus kommt gewiss. Was dann: original, preiswert oder billig?  …mehr

  • Österreich stoppt Googles Street-View-Autos


    Österreich zieht Konsequenzen aus der Panne um die Speicherung von WLAN-Daten durch den Internetkonzern Google.  …mehr

  • Strahlenbelastung durch Mobilfunk nimmt zu


    Die Strahlenbelastung für die Bevölkerung durch den Mobilfunk wird nach Angaben der Bundesregierung zunehmen, aber noch weit unter dem zulässigen Grenzwert bleiben.  …mehr

  • Skurrile Handys und Telefone

    Schuhe, Burger und Gras

    Die neuen Telefone und Handy werden immer kleiner und dünner. Doch Geräte wie das nicht ernst gemeinte Apple-Phone scheren aus dieser Design-Entwicklung aus.  …mehr

  • Warum SAP-Berater Glück und Bauchgefühl brauchen


    Eine mühsame Suche nach dem ersten Job und ein Macho-Chef, der sie eher als Sekretärin sieht. Heike Hornung, heute SAP-Beraterin bei Itelligence, hatte keinen einfachen Start. Doch dann hat sie Glück gehabt. …mehr

  • Displaced IT workers apply for federal help

    Premium-Inhalt. A state that overoutsourcing, Connecticut, is now reporting the impact of the offshore shift, although indirectly.

  • CRM Success Sealed with a KISSS

    Premium-Inhalt. When Bill Raduchel was CIO of Sun Microsystems, he espoused KISSS (Keep It Small, Simple, and Separable), the extended version of the KISS principle. IT success wasn't just a matter of keeping things simple, it was making sure that projects were as small and separable as possible. This was years before the Agile Manifesto, but the logic -- both technical and user-centered -- was built on the same foundation. The Mythical Man-Month is still in print for a reason.

  • Google adds Reader to 'kill IE6' campaign

    Premium-Inhalt. Google expanded its anti-Internet Explorer 6 campaign Thursday by announcing that it will phase out support for the nine-year-old browser for its Google Reader service June 1.

  • Four out of 10 iPhones sold to enterprise users, says AT&T exec

    Premium-Inhalt. Four out of 10 sales of are made to users, according to Ron Spears, CEO of AT&T's Business Solutions unit, in comments at a financial conference on Thursday.

  • Palm UI VP defects to Google

    Premium-Inhalt. Matias Duarte, formerly vice president of human interface and user experience at Palm, has left to take a job with Google, marking one of the first defections since Hewlett-Packard announced plans to buy the struggling phone maker.

  • Remains of the Day: Google backtracks, NBC plays chicken

    Premium-Inhalt. It's a world of conflict we live in. If it's not Google taking potshots at rival Apple, then it's Palm employees leaving for Google or NBC and Time Warner taking Adobe's side in the Flash versus iPhone debate. Read about it all in the remainders for Thursday, May 27, 2010.

  • Microsoft admits Windows Phone 7 slide was wrong

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft acknowledged on Friday that it used an inaccurate number to represent research company IDC's sales forecast for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform.

  • Square Enix's first iPad apps include 3D image gallery, game

    Premium-Inhalt. Square Enix has released its first two apps designed specifically for Apple's iPad. One is a photo gallery of Final Fantasy XIII images that can be viewed in 3D with standard red and blue glasses. The other app is an actual game.

  • Dot matrix printers return to make music

    Premium-Inhalt. For the first time in 10 years, a Canadian arts duo plans to perform a symphony using only obsolete dot matrix printers. The piece, entitled "Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers #2," will be performed at the electronic music festival, held next week in Montreal.

  • Rumor: The Next Apple TV Revealed?

    Premium-Inhalt. Could the next be right around the corner? According to a tip that received, the next Apple TV is a "doozy." Apple's new set-top box is apparently rumored to have been in the works for longer than .

  • PictureShow adds more ways to trick out your iPhone pics

    Premium-Inhalt. , a mobile photo-editing app by Graf, has been updated to version 2.0. The new version adds new photo styles, a randomize mode in which you can mix various frame styles, light effects and noise effects to create wild and zany results, and the ability to share photos via Flickr in app.

  • Motorola Android Tablet May Be Coming Soon

    Premium-Inhalt. Motorola's Droid may soon have a plus-sized cousin.

  • 'Quit Facebook Day' Looks Like A Hard Sell

    Premium-Inhalt. With the deafening media uproar over 's confusing and sneaky , you'd think that the upcoming "" would be a grassroots hit among the social network's hundreds of millions of devotees. But as of Friday May 28, just three days before the big event, fewer than 24,000 Facebook users have committed to quitting the service.

  • FunMail for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. There are few things more disappointing than an app that just doesn't deliver. Such is the case with , a texting app from . At least it's free.

  • Apple needs to jump on TV opportunity, analysts say

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's success in mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad could spill over into the TV segment if the company decides to make a push for devices with larger screens, analysts said on Friday.

  • Original Prince of Persia hits the App Store

    Premium-Inhalt. Old school gamers, rejoice: The original Prince of Persia has made its way to both the iPhone and iPad for $1 at the App Store. , released to coincide with , features all 13 of the original game's levels in their classic 8-bit glory.

  • Where is the Apple TV heading?

    Premium-Inhalt. Sales of the Apple TV "hobby" product may have over the previous year, but Apple has a new crop of competition to contend with if it hopes to ever graduate the Apple TV to the big leagues. Let's take a look back at where the Apple TV has been, and where it needs to go.

  • Use Gmail IMAP with Your Desktop E-Mail Client

    Premium-Inhalt. As you learned yesterday, working with Gmail can be a lot nicer if you .

  • ThoughtWorks gives agile IT an online forum

    Premium-Inhalt. ThoughtWorks unveiled this week an online community focused on exchange of ideas and best practices related to agile .

  • Letter from a CEO: Steve Jobs responds to your email

    Premium-Inhalt. A few weeks ago , if they have the opportunity to email him. I promised to forward any emails onto Mr. Jobs himself.

  • FontAgent Pro adds font auto-activation for CS5 apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Now that Adobe has released the new version of its Creative Suite, software programs that work with it are also being upgraded to ensure compatibility. One of the first out the gate is FontAgent Pro.

  • Intel overclocks new Core processors for speed boost

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel on Friday released new Core i5 and Core i7 desktop processors that can be overclocked, giving users the flexibility to ramp up the clock speed to boost application performance.

  • Leadership: Critical Move from Senior IT Leader to C-Level

    Premium-Inhalt. In the progression from IT staffer to Business Strategist CIO, the watershed moment often comes with the transition from Senior IT Leader to Function Head CIO. On the accompanying Leadership Competencies Development Journey graph, this critical juncture appears as the thinnest of vertical lines separating the Staff Level from the C-Level, but in practice it can be a wide gulf. And there is another line that must at least be reached by the prospective Function Head CIO: the horizontal line that separates the merely active demonstration of leadership competencies from their proactive application to make long-term organizational impact.

  • Career Turning Points: Keep IT All About the Users

    Premium-Inhalt. A chance elective in college brought Jackie Lucas into IT, but a passion for people led her to become a CIO.

  • SharePoint 2010: Three Ways Sony Is Using It

    Premium-Inhalt. Sony Electronics, the division of Sony Corporation that designs and develops the company's cameras, computers, TVs and other devices, is making a broad move to SharePoint 2010 to improve search, social networking and document sharing.

  • Facebook tops Google ranking, snares 35% of Web users

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite growing , an astonishing 540 million Internet users worldwide visited Facebook in April 2010, or 35.2% of the entire population of Web users, according to new data from Google. Even more incredibly, those users clicked on 570 billion Facebook pages in April, a number eight times larger than Facebook's nearest competitor.

  • Studies: Gamers can control their dreams better than most

    Premium-Inhalt. A psychologist at Grant MacEwan University in Canada sees video games as "practice" for controlling your dreams. Jayne Gackenbach presented her work for discussion at the Sixth Annual Games for Health Conference in Boston this week.

  • Oracle adds support for open-source R

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle has made a move in support of R, the open-source language for statistical analysis.

  • Microsoft prefers cloud over OpenXML

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft will base support for the final OpenXML standard on customer demand. The market leader at this point prefers to move its clients to cloud computing, said Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft's Business Division. He considers cloud offerings a good extension of the desktop software that Microsoft currently sells.

  • Online-Videos kein Sargnagel für das Fernsehen

    TV der Zukunft

    Allen Unkenrufen zum Trotz wird sich klassisches Fernsehen auch in Zukunft gegen Online-Videoplattformen behaupten können. Das sagen zumindest die Kabelnetzbetreiber. …mehr

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