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Meldungen vom 13.05.2010

  • Finale der ECM-Championship

    Live auf Computerwoche.de

    Verfolgen Sie Live, wie sich die fünf Finalisten unserer ECM-Meisterschaft ein packendes Duell um den Sieg liefern. …mehr

  • Standards in Sichtweite?

    Mobiles Bezahlen

    Die Mobility-Branche formiert sich. Das lässt auch den Durchbruch des Mobile Payment wahrscheinlicher werden. …mehr

    Von Erwin Selg
  • Wo sind die mobilen Nutzer?

    Wunsch und Wirklichkeit

    Das Interesse an mobilem Internet und Apps ist gewaltig. Die tatsächliche Nutzung durch die Anwender weniger. …mehr

  • Die beste Digitalkamera bis 250 Euro

    Großer Vergleichstest

    Maximal 250 Euro, schnell, gute Bilder - das sind die häufigsten Vorgaben beim Kauf einer Digitalkamera. Der PC-WELT-Vergleichstest hat sich mit dem Preissegment bis 250 Euro beschäftigt und präsentiert Ihnen daraus die zehn besten Kameras. …mehr

    Von Verena Ottmann
  • Wickeln zum Wohle der Firma


    Immer mehr Väter entdecken, welche Chancen in der Elternzeit stecken. Damit die Auszeit keine beruflichen Risiken birgt, sollte die Familienphase gut vorbereitet werden. …mehr

    Von Petra Riedel
  • Report blames 'Avalanche' group for most phishing

    Premium-Inhalt. A blames a single Eastern European gang for about two-thirds of all phishing attempts conducted in the last half of 2009.

  • Sprint to make HTC's Evo 4G phone available in June

    Premium-Inhalt. Wireless carrier Sprint on Wednesday said HTC's Evo 4G smartphone, which could provide unprecedented data transfer rates to smartphones, will debut in the U.S. on June 4.

  • SAP bets big on mobile with Sybase acquisition

    Premium-Inhalt. With its US$5.8 billion purchase of Sybase announced Wednesday, SAP is placing a big bet that mobile business applications are the way of the future.

  • Cisco Earnings Reflect Broader Economic Rebound

    Premium-Inhalt. Cisco plays a dominant role in the network infrastructure that drives the backbone of technology. If the quarterly , the tech industry at least is rebounding nicely from the recent global economic meltdown.

  • Net Filter companies losing ISP business

    Premium-Inhalt. Sales of web content filters to the telecommunications industry have frozen as reluctant Internet Service Providers (ISPs) wait for possible subsidy under the Federal Government's national Internet content filter plan.

  • Comcast to make your iPad a giant remote

    Premium-Inhalt. Thanks to its small size and weight, the iPad's place is not on our desks, but at our --a constant companion that augments and enriches our daily lives. This seems to be inspiring all sorts of innovative apps that take advantage of everything our beloved tablet has to offer in new and exciting ways.

  • Remains of the Day: Facebook watches, Letterman switches

    Premium-Inhalt. Don't consider your day complete until you have clicked on , carefully hand-picked for your reading enjoyment by the editors of . And believe me, we will if you haven't. (Okay, maybe won't, but Facebook sure will.)

  • Guild Wars 2's major changes

    Premium-Inhalt. A recent post on the official provides a very in-depth look at the upcoming MMORPG, and how it's set to change many tired elements that have plagued the genre. Some of the chief complaints brought about in the post include the "wall of text" style of quest assignment, a static game world, and experience distribution that rarely encouraged large groups to work together. According to the post, the developers have found solutions to all of the aforementioned issues.

  • Cisco back to pre-slump growth in Q3

    Premium-Inhalt. Cisco Systems emerged from the effects of the global economic downturn in its fiscal third quarter ended May 1, posting what Chairman and CEO John Chambers said was probably the company's best quarter ever.

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