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Meldungen vom 19.03.2010

  • Frankreichs Gelbe Seiten kaufen 123people

    45 Millionen User monatlich

    Die österreichische Personensuchmaschine 123people ist von den französischen Gelben Seiten Pages Jaunes für eine nicht näher bekannte Summe gekauft worden. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • SIS-Niedergang hat sich lange angekündigt


    Die Marktbeobachter von PAC sehen die Ursachen für die harten Einschnitte bei SIS sowohl auf den schwierigen Markt als auch auf taktische Fehler zurück. Verloren ist die Siemens-Tochter noch nicht. …mehr

  • ITSM-Probleme trotz Itil - vier Fallbeispiele

    Zertifikat - was nun?

    Wenn die Standards nicht ins Prozess-Management-System eingebettet sind, nutzen sie dem Unternehmen wenig. …mehr

  • Viacom hat heimlich Videos hochgeladen


    YouTube schießt zurück: Im Streit um vermeintliche Urheberrechtsverletzungen auf der Video-Website attackiert die Google-Tochter den Medienkonzern Viacom. …mehr

  • iPad-Inhalte verzweifelt gesucht


    Gut zwei Wochen vor dem Verkaufsstart des iPad müht sich Apple um passende Inhalte für seinen Tablet-Computer. …mehr

  • Palm kommt nicht aus den roten Zahlen

    Hohe Kosten und Management-Fehler

    Der Smartphone-Hersteller Palm kommt einfach nicht aus den roten Zahlen. …mehr

  • BGH entscheidet erst im Mai über WLAN-Missbrauch

    Ungeschützte Funknetze

    Im Rechtsstreit um die Haftung für ein ungeschütztes drahtloses Netzwerk lässt sich der Bundesgerichtshof Zeit für eine Entscheidung. …mehr

  • Google rollt Echtzeitsuche weltweit aus


    Ab sofort haben auch Nutzer von google.de Zugriff auf die neue Echtzeitsuche von Google. …mehr

  • Schließt Google in China am 10. April?


    Der US-Internetgigant Google schaltet nach einem Zeitungsbericht seine chinesische Suchmaschine möglicherweise ab 10. April ab. …mehr

  • E-Tools können Prozesskosten senken

    Elektronische Beschaffung

    Elektronische Beschaffungssysteme können Prozesskosten um bis zu 25 Prozent reduzieren. Darauf weist der Branchenverband BME in seiner jährlichen Erhebung hin.  …mehr

  • Justizministerin fordert Charta für Internet


    Bundesjustizministerin Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) fordert eine international verbindliche Charta für das Internet. …mehr

  • Jobverlegung ins Ausland - Wegzugsteuer ist rechtmäßig

    Bundesfinanzhof hat entschieden

    Die deutschen Finanzbehörden dürfen in bestimmten Fällen Wertsteigerungen von Beteiligungen an Kapitalgesellschaften der Steuer unterwerfen. …mehr

  • Taugt nicht fürs Business

    Windows Phone 7 Series

    Auf der Entwicklerkonferenz Mix enthüllte Microsoft jetzt Details zu Windows Phone 7 Series. …mehr

  • Frauen sollten Männer unterstützen


    Diane BRYANT ist CIO der Intel Corp. Sie hat geschafft, was nur wenigen Frauen gelingt - einen Top-Managementposten in der von Männern dominierten Arbeitswelt erobert zu haben. Trotzdem fordert sie, dass Frauen Männer bei einem neuen Rollenverständnis unterstützen sollten. …mehr

  • Celestica builds a BI centre of excellence

    Premium-Inhalt. There are 40 billion pictures on Facebook. Retailer Wal-Mart conducts one million customer transactions per hour, information that is then fed into a database with a 2.5-petabyte capacity.

  • Is IT keeping up with a changing infrastructure?

    Premium-Inhalt. As IT infrastructures become increasingly converged and components increasingly interdependent, IT admins are still not factoring in the collateral impact of individual changes to the IT environment, said one exec.

  • Novell's Pulse enterprise 2.0 suite goes beta next week

    Premium-Inhalt. Novell is ready to begin beta testing its Pulse enterprise social-networking and collaboration suite.

  • Judge approves Facebook's settlement offer in Beacon case

    Premium-Inhalt. A federal judge has approved a proposed settlement by in a involving its now defunct Beacon behavioral tracking service.

  • PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap on PlayStation Network this spring

    Premium-Inhalt. As the first game in what would eventually become Sony's flagship PlayStation Network franchise, PixelJunk Racers was probably the most overlooked of the artistic arcade series. Thankfully, the game's developers, Q-Games, will give the game another chance at entertaining racing fans with the spring-due PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap.

  • Multicore requires OS rework, Windows architect advises

    Premium-Inhalt. With chip makers continuing to increase the number of cores they include on each new generation of their processors, perhaps it's time to rethink the basic architecture of today's operating systems, suggested Dave Probert, a kernel architect within the Windows core operating systems division at Microsoft.

  • iPad cases and bags galore

    Premium-Inhalt. Curious about the options out there for protecting your new iPad? Here's a look at some of the bags and cases on the way.

  • Ex-MySQL chief Marten Mickos lands new CEO job

    Premium-Inhalt. Due to a reporting error, Friday's story "Ex-MySQL chief Marten Mickos lands new CEO job" provided an incorrect year for when Sun Microsystems bought MySQL. It was 2008, not 1998. The sixth paragraph has been corrected on the wire and now reads:

  • To fight scammers, Russia cracks down on .ru domain

    Premium-Inhalt. In a bid to cut down on fraud and inappropriate content, the organization responsible for administering Russia's .ru top-level domain names is .

  • Uncharted 2 loses to Batman in BAFTA Best Game category

    Premium-Inhalt. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards are interesting to watch because they usually pick all the games that didn't win awards in the U.S. True to form, the 2010 BAFTA Video Game Awards will surprise you with who went home empty-handed.

  • Square Enix says it will 'consider' creating social games

    Premium-Inhalt. With the release of and the recent announcement that the game has notched the biggest first-week sales numbers of any Final Fantasy in series history, Square Enix has a tough act to follow. The next chapter of the company's success story won't likely be on any social networks, as the company's North American CEO John Yamamoto recently replied to a query regarding social gaming by saying ""We'll consider that."

  • Social Networks, Criminal Networks?

    Premium-Inhalt. One of Italy's 100 most wanted criminals was arrested in Isola Capo Rizzuto on Tuesday, thanks to his love of Facebook.

  • Microsoft Winning Fans Early with IE 9 Preview

    Premium-Inhalt. Earlier this week Microsoft unveiled a preview of the engine behind its next-generation Web browser, . Microsoft is still diligently working to convince many customers to make the to the current IE8, but the march of development never stops so Microsoft is already hard at work on the next version as well.

  • Will iPad Sales Beat the iPhone? Who Cares?

    Premium-Inhalt. Conflicting reports have surfaced for the last week about how well is selling, how well it will sell, and whether it'll make more of a dent in the market than the iPhone's debut.

  • Podcast: Special Guests, Android Updates, and the iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. This week on the podcast, 's and visit the PCWorld podcast studio for some verbal jousting over Google's Android operating system and Apple's iPad.

  • Ex-MySQL chief Marten Mickos lands new CEO job

    Premium-Inhalt. Marten Mickos, the longtime CEO of MySQL who eventually sold the open-source database company to Sun Microsystems for US$1 billion, has taken a new job as CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, the company said Friday.

  • Microsoft researchers test microblogging service

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft plans to start a small-scale pilot of a microblogging service aimed at business users that it has been experimenting with in Office Labs.

  • Microsoft pulls Bing app from non-U.S. App Stores

    Premium-Inhalt. The iPhone app for Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has been pulled from all international App Stores, . However, it remains available for U.S. customers.

  • Reggie defends Wii MotionPlus, promotes control variety

    Premium-Inhalt. Customers who bought into the Wii Motion Plus frenzy that surrounded may be feeling a little gypped right now with the lack of new software support--Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M have been demoed without the add-on being used. The fact that Sony's touting the heavily as of late, and Microsoft is likely to push pretty hard over the next few months will only make Nintendo's motion control upgrade seem like more of an afterthought in the minds of many gamers. In a recent interview, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé assured MTV Multiplayer that the company still has big plans for the product, stating "You're seeing some fantastic third party support. Red Steel 2 is about to come out. And from a first party perspective we showed Fling Smash. There are more titles that are coming, it continues to be a core part of what we do."

  • Navman Wireless launches new console, privacy button

    Premium-Inhalt. Due to a reporter's error, the Computerworld New Zealand story "Navman Wireless launches new console, privacy button", posted to the news wire Friday, gave the wrong title for a Navman Wirless vice president.

  • Quest Software's vWorkspace To Work With Microsoft RemoteFX

    Premium-Inhalt. Quest Software today announced plans to support Microsoft RemoteFX, a Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 feature currently under development, in future versions of Quest products.

  • Navman Wireless launches new console, privacy button

    Premium-Inhalt. Navman Wireless has launched the latest version of its GPS navigation and messaging device, the M-Nav 760, which integrates with its OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking system for fleet management.

  • Airtel says it will bring iPhone 3GS to India

    Premium-Inhalt. On Friday, Bharti Airtel announced  that it had struck a deal with Apple to bring the latest version of Apple's smartphone to India "in the coming months."

  • Viridity's power management tool aims to boost efficiency

    Premium-Inhalt. Startup Viridity Software is releasing a new tool on Monday to help companies keep track of the power being used by each piece of IT equipment in their data centers, with a view to improving energy efficiency.

  • Ethernet switches, routers, Wi-Fi on the upswing

    Premium-Inhalt. Sales of , and equipment are expected to rise this year and beyond coming out of the recession, according to Infonetics Research.

  • Qwest CEO's pay package rises 6%

    Premium-Inhalt. Qwest Communications CEO Edward Mueller saw his pay package increase 6% in 2009, while the company's profits grew by 1.5% and revenue fell 9%. His total compensation hit $12 million, compared to $11.3 million in 2008.

  • Apple sets March 27 deadline for first iPad apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Most iPad developers , but that doesn't mean they haven't been busy working away on software for Apple's newest invention. But, according to an e-mail obtained by , if you want your iPad application to have a chance of being in the App Store for the iPad's arrival, you'd better have it ready for Apple's review by March 27.

  • Mozilla confirms critical Firefox bug

    Premium-Inhalt. Mozilla yesterday confirmed a critical vulnerability in the newest version of Firefox, and said it would plug the hole by the end of the month.

  • Broadband plan, Palm dreams, more Facebook woes

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission's national broadband plan captured our attention this week and will undoubtedly continue to do that in the weeks (and months and years) ahead. In other news, Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein says that his company could have given the Droid a run for it's money, only if. And the week ends with reports that Google will announce its intentions regarding business in China on Monday.

  • Large Hadron Collider smashes another speed record

    Premium-Inhalt. The world's largest atom smasher has broken yet another record.

  • Pa. school spy case sparks fight over money

    Premium-Inhalt. Parents representing about a quarter of the high school students in the suburban Philadelphia school district accused of spying on teenagers using their laptops' cameras said they're "outraged" by a lawsuit seeking monetary damages.

  • Viacom vs. Google: As the Tube turns

    Premium-Inhalt. Stop me if you've heard this plot line before: The aging sugardaddy who gets spurned and seeks revenge. The grasping ingenue who will do anything (or anyone) to gain wealth and power. The dashing young hero who swoops in to save the ingenue from the decrepit suitor, thus becoming his enemy.

  • Why iGroups is coming to an iPhone near you

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple Inc. filed a patent application recently for mobile social networking technology called .

  • Social CRM's 18 use cases: Altimeter

    Premium-Inhalt. When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), organizations are increasingly being left out of conversations happening in the social networking world because of a failure to recognize the real-time nature of social response, according to recent research by Altimeter Group LLC.

  • 10 must-have free Palm webOS apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Palm's official webOS app store has come a long way. With at the App Catalog's launch last June, there wasn't much for early owners to get excited about. Today, however, the App Catalog sports well over a thousand titles. That's a far cry from the iPhone's 150,000 applications, but there are plenty of apps for users of the Palm Pre and (available from Sprint) and the and (available from Verizon) to choose from, and many of the best ones are free.

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