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Meldungen vom 20.11.2009

  • Pfiffiges Lizenz-Management hilft sparen

    IT intim - Die Sorgen der CIOs

    Sie haben Ihr Firmennetz kürzlich einem Redesign unterzogen. Was steht jetzt auf dem Programm? …mehr

  • Nokia spart weiter bei Forschung und Entwicklung


    Der Handy-Hersteller Nokia will am finnischen Standort Oulu 230 Stellen und in Dänemarks Hauptstadt Kopenhagen 100 Stellen streichen. Das seien zwei Prozent des Gesamtpersonals dieser Unternehmenssparte, hieß es weiter. …mehr

  • Top-Unternehmen versagen bei Webanalyse

    ATX vs. DAX

    Nur jedes zweite Top-100-Unternehmen nutzt professionelle Webanalyse. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Software-Entwicklung "in the Cloud" boomt

    50 Prozent Kostenreduktion

    Cloud Computing setzt sich auch in der Software-Entwicklung immer mehr durch: Unternehmen und unabhängige Softwarehäuser haben auf der Web-basierten Plattform Force.com des Cloud Pioniers salesforce.com schon über 135.000 Anwendungen für die Nutzung via Internet bereit gestellt. …mehr

  • Yahoo! startet neue Suche in Deutschland

    Mehr Personalisierung

    Yahoo! hat nun auch in Deutschland seine neue Suche gestartet. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Telekom auf Partnersuche für US-Tochter

    Auch Finanzinvestor denkbar

    Die Deutsche Telekom sucht für ihre schwächelnde US-Tochter einen Partner. …mehr

  • Dell vertröstet nach Gewinneinbruch auf Weihnachten

    Aktie im Sinkflug

    Der US-Computerbauer Dell hat auch im dritten Geschäftsquartal (Ende Oktober) unter der Wirtschaftsflaute und hauseigenen Fehlern gelitten. …mehr

  • Lufthansa Systems steigt aus


    Der IT-Dienstleister räumt Teile des Servicegeschäfts, um sich auf Kunden aus der Luftfahrtbranche zu konzentrieren. …mehr

  • Windows 7 verkauft sich doppelt so gut wie Vorgänger


    Das neue Microsoft-Betriebssystem Windows 7 verkauft sich offenbar weiter blendend. …mehr

  • Telekom stellt Deutschlandgeschäft auf neue Füße

    Telekom Deutschland GmbH

    Die Deutsche Telekom stellt ihr Deutschlandgeschäft auf neue Füße: Am Donnerstag segneten die Aktionäre des Bonner Konzerns die geplante Verschmelzung von Mobilfunk und Festnetz in der Heimat ab. …mehr

  • Mit einem Bein im Knast


    Der oft laxe Umgang mit IT-Sicherheit ist keine Lappalie. Wer sorglos mit dem Datenschutz umgeht, kann dafür im schlimmsten Falle auch persönlich haftbar gemacht werden. …mehr

  • Besser kopieren mit TeraCopy

    Kleine Helfer

    Microsoft hat an den Standard-Kopierfunktionen im Laufe der Windows-Geschichte nicht viel verändert. TeraCopy zeigt wie es gehen sollte.  …mehr

  • Datacask Jupiter 1014a Netbook vorgestellt


    Das Netbook Datacask Jupiter 1014a gibt es wahlweise mit Linux oder Windows als Betriebssystem. Dieser Händlertest stellt das als Business-Netbook eingestufte Datacask Jupiter 1014a ausführlich vor. …mehr

  • Googles Chrome OS wirft überflüssigen Ballast ab

    Ab sofort Open Source

    Der Internetkonzern Google hat erstmals Einzelheiten seines neuen Computer-Betriebssystems Chrome OS vorgestellt. …mehr

  • RIM verbessert sein Touchscreen-Handy

    First Look Blackberry Storm 2

    Mit dem Storm 2 bringt der kanadische Push-Mail-Spezialist RIM eine überarbeitete Version seines Touchscreen-Smartphone auf den Markt. Wir haben das Gerät einem ersten Kurztest unterzogen. …mehr

  • China Unicom 3G growth seven times faster than China Mobile

    Premium-Inhalt. China Unicom's next-generation mobile service won more than 1 million users in its first month, a number that took rival China Mobile seven months to reach with its homegrown 3G standard.

  • Microsoft, other rivals slam Google Chrome OS

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft Corp. is, predictably, not all that impressed by Google Inc.'s today, but neither were a number of potential rivals in the Linux and instant-on operating system space.

  • Alienware OptX AW2210 21.5-Inch LCD Monitor

    Premium-Inhalt. Dell's gamer-friendly Alienware brand is extending its reach to include monitors, and the 21.5-inch widescreen 1080p OptX AW2210 ($300 as of November 11, 2009) serves up a lot to like: solid image quality, accessible and comprehensive built-in menus, and an exterior design that stands out from the generally conservative competition.

  • What Chrome OS Means for Business

    Premium-Inhalt. Today in Mountain View, . What it unveiled is an exciting new platform for Web computing that is aimed squarely at consumer netbooks, and has little relevance to businesses today.

  • Oracle Financial Keeps Fiscally Fit

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle Financial Services Software(OFSS) caters to banking and capital market companies across the world. Part of what it offers its customers is the ability to cut costs and respond rapidly. But it was having a hard time practicing what it was preaching.

  • Dell's Q3 profit slides 54 percent

    Premium-Inhalt. Dell reported third-quarter profits on Thursday that were down 54 percent from this time last year, though the company said it was encouraged by a slight uptick in sales from the prior quarter.

  • Three indicted for Comcast hack last year

    Premium-Inhalt. Three hackers have been indicted for redirecting the Comcast.net Web site to a page of their own making in 2008.

  • Move over Taylor Swift: Make way for 1st Twitter music album

    Premium-Inhalt. A UK researcher has compiled what he is calling the first album of Twitter music, that is, music squeezed into Twitter's signature 140-character messages.

  • 27-inch Core i5 iMac (with Core i7 option)

    Premium-Inhalt. When Apple announced new iMacs last month, it included a major step forward amid the subtle-but-welcome refinements in most of the models: the first ever iMac to offer a quad-core processor. The new high-end 27-inch iMacs are the first to use Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 quad-core processors, and they were not available at the time of the announcement. But finally, the wait is over, and the Core i5 and Core i7 27-inch iMacs have arrived--and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

  • Telstra, NSW education department sign $280m broadband deal

    Premium-Inhalt. The NSW government has signed a $280 million deal with Telstra for the rollout of an optic fibre network to public schools and TAFE institutes.

  • Google's Chrome OS: A Web appliance, not a PC

    Premium-Inhalt. Google unveiled more details about its much-anticipated Chrome OS at a press event at its Mountain View, Calif., campus today, but those who were hoping for a beta release of the OS were in for a disappointment. "We aren't launching the product today. There is no beta today," said Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management. "Our target is the end of next year. We want to be there for the holiday season."

  • The Ultimate Troubleshooter In Name Only

    Premium-Inhalt. ($30; free, ten-use, feature-limited demo), as its name implies, promises to troubleshoot any and all problems you may run across when running your PC. However, it's not nearly as useful or powerful as similar programs, and the trial version is so lacking in basic features that you'll most likely want to stay away.

  • Four things you need to know about Apple

    Premium-Inhalt. All big companies have their critics. But what's interesting about is universal surprise. Their disappointment often stems from finding out that Apple isn't the company they thought it was. So I'm going to do all you would-be critics a favor, and explain some fundamental aspects of Apple's culture. Next time, you won't be blindsided and confused.

  • BounceBack Essentials Offers Easy PC Recovery

    Premium-Inhalt. There's something about of your entire operating system and software installation that brings you peace of mind. In that regard, CMS's calms your soul, and does so flawlessly with as little user intervention as possible.

  • Google Chrome OS: A Simple FAQ

    Premium-Inhalt. Everyone's all a-twitter over Google's newly announced operating system, . Some swear ; others are convinced it's . Love it or hate it, though, this puppy's one tough piece of software to ignore.

  • Control iTunes from the Windows 7 Taskbar

    Premium-Inhalt. One of my favorite amenities is thumbnail previews, which appear when you mouse over any running program in the taskbar.

  • Listen up: Rock and roll artifacts under surveillance

    Premium-Inhalt. NEW YORK -- The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex keeps decades of music alive through rare videos of rock's greatest musicians playing on wall-sized screens, along with a display of prized artifacts including guitars, clothing and original sheet music from like John Lennon and Mick Jagger.

  • Broadband stimulus grants delayed

    Premium-Inhalt. One of the government agencies in charge of doling out has the dates for when it will start handing out grants.

  • Hurricane Electric's IPv6 network doubles

    Premium-Inhalt. Hurricane Electric, a Fremont, Calif., ISP, will announce on Monday that its IPv6 network has doubled in size in less than a year -- a sign of how rapidly IPv6 traffic is increasing across the Internet.

  • Technology Lets You Command a Computer With Gestures

    Premium-Inhalt. What's the latest buzz among software engineers and computer geeks in Silicon Valley? Aside from the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it's a video released earlier this week of Pranav Mistry talking about the next big thing--SixthSense technology.

  • Mobile wireless router from Zyxel competes with Mi-Fi

    Premium-Inhalt. Wireless carriers and retailers a wide array of low-priced gadgets beyond smartphones that will hit the market soon, taking advantage of faster wireless networks.

  • Qualcomm's updated 3G chipset coming to ThinkPads

    Premium-Inhalt. Lenovo will offer Qualcomm's latest Gobi multimode 3G (third-generation) mobile data chipset on ThinkPad laptops, allowing users to connect to the world's two major types of 3G networks and use assisted GPS for location-based services.

  • Chrome shines, Gore opines, staffs decline

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's Chrome OS captured a lot of headlines and hype this week after the company invited the media in to have a look-see, setting off a whole lot of opinions about whether it will be any good. Microsoft, predictably, doesn't think so. Otherwise, Al Gore offered his opinion on the role supercomputers can play to quell climate change, and for the first time we can recollect there were not one, but two, cat-related IT stories that caught our attention.

  • Gameloft & other devs 'cutting' Android development

    Premium-Inhalt. According to , Gameloft finance director Alexandre de Rochefort revealed that his company, along with many other game publishers, would be cutting Android game development "significantly." Rochefort cited low sales as the chief problem for Google's mobile operating system.

  • Gameloft to cut back on Android development

    Premium-Inhalt. Though you may think us to be iPhone fans all the time, we really do want to root for the underdog. Whether it's Google's Android or Palm's webOS, the smartphone industry could really use a David to the iPhone's Goliath to promote competition and better products all around.

  • Digital photo frame proves not memorable

    Premium-Inhalt. Unlike flashy frames overloaded with razzle-dazzle multimedia (like the cool but exceedingly ornate and ), the Vizit frame by Isabella ($280 with additional recurring service plan charges) aims for simplicity. Some digital photo frames offer so much functionality that photo sharing becomes an ordeal for the computer-nonsavvy, but the Vizit minimizes the frills.

  • Sony Online Service to Challenge iTunes? Fat Chance

    Premium-Inhalt. For entertainment hardware companies like Sony, a thriving, all-encompassing online media store is the Holy Grail. It's a glorious balance, in which the customer buys software through the store, and therefore becomes hooked on the hardware to which it's attached. That's how brand loyalty is created.

  • General Mobile DSTL1

    Premium-Inhalt. The General Mobile DSTL1 ($450, unlocked; price as of November 16, 2009) has some nice features, like , but I found that the device's awkward design and unresponsive touchscreen dulled the sense of feature-richness and the ease of use that the Android OS can give a mobile device.

  • Mac OS X 10.6.2 Hack Gets Atom Support Back

    Premium-Inhalt. Early last week, released the 10.6.2 update to Snow Leopard loaded mostly with welcome, but unsurprising , including a patch for the uncommon but extremely harmful . However, hidden in the kernel update was dropped support for the hackintosh-friendly Intel Atom processor. The Atom is 's smallest chip and has the distinction of being the processor of choice for people building cheap OS X netbooks with limited hackery required. When early builds of 10.6.2 , speculation and rumors were abound regarding the future of the easy-to-build Atom hackintosh.

  • Two approaches to NFC battle for French hearts and mobiles

    Premium-Inhalt. Two competing approaches to equipping mobile phones with contactless communications capabilities vied for supporters at the Cartes exhibition in Paris this week. Either approach could turn phones into self-service electronic tour guides, travel tickets or secure payment terminals.

  • Microsoft launches beta tests of free Office 2010, 'streaming' delivery

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft has launched new betas for its free Office suite and for the "streaming" technology it will use to deliver some paid versions of Office 2010 next year.

  • Verizon suit a 'gamble worth taking' for AT&T, says IP lawyer

    Premium-Inhalt. Although AT&T's against Verizon is a major risk for the company, intellectual property attorney Thomas Zellerbach thinks it's one worth taking.

  • Teen gets prison term for attack on Scientology Web site

    Premium-Inhalt. A 19-year old New Jersey man this week was sentenced this week to a year and a day in federal prison for 's Web site in Jan. 2008.

  • Geared for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. , a $1 game from developer with a free lite counterpart, is a clever puzzle game for the iPhone. You're presented with two already-placed gears, and a finite number of other gears in assorted sizes. Your task: arrange the gears the right way, to form a fully interconnected chain. There's no grid: You can place the gears anywhere, as long as there's enough room.

  • Need for Speed SHIFT gets free team racing add-on

    Premium-Inhalt. The core of thew new update for is the "team racing" update that sees two teams of six racers challenge each other online. As with real motorsports, team tactics will be a vital part of working through this new mode, so players will need to coordinate very efficiently in order to be successful.

  • Ninjas take on pirates in new iPhone brawler

    Premium-Inhalt. Mika Mobila, who previously published the well-regarded Zombieville USA on the iPhone has just submitted its latest creation to the App Store in the shape of OMG Pirates! The game is now at the mercy of Apple's approval process, but you can check out the to see its ninjas vs pirates goodness.

  • Third-party screensavers return to Snow Leopard

    Premium-Inhalt. When (Mac OS X 10.6) was first released, I that many (maybe even all) third-party screensavers would no longer work in the new OS. This was because 10.6 required 64-bit compatible screensavers, whereas existing screensavers were 32 bit.

  • Google Chrome OS: Everything You Need to Know

    Premium-Inhalt. Unless you live in a cave, don't care at all about technology or have been distracted by Sarah Palin's publicity tour, you've probably heard that to the world yesterday.

  • Fake religious trailer incites heresy for Dante's Inferno

    Premium-Inhalt. Does a religious video game count as heresy in this day and age? We've got religious TV networks and theme parks, so are people really getting bent out of shape about stuff like ? The marketing team working on believes so, as a revealed earlier this week for a fictitious game called Mass: We Pray turned out to be a viral ad for the upcoming action game.

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