Meldungen vom 13.11.2009

  • O2 bringt das Motorola Milestone

    Ab dem 16. November

    o2 Germany startet am Montag den 16. November den Verkauf des Motorola Milestone. Der Mobilfunkbetreiber bietet das Android-Smartphone bei freier Vertragswahl zu einem Preis von 481 Euro an. Über o2 My Handy kann es 24 Monate lang mit je 20 Euro bei null Prozent Zinsen abbezahlt werden.  …mehr

  • Samsung hält Symbian die Treue


    Samsung hat jetzt Aussagen dementiert, nach denen es keine Smartphones mehr mit dem Betriebssystem Symbian entwickelt.  …mehr

  • BGH-Urteil zur Haftung im Internet

    Ungeprüfte Fotos bei

    Wer auf seiner Internetseite auch fremde Inhalte veröffentlicht, kann unter bestimmten Umständen zur Zahlung von Schadensersatz verurteilt werden. …mehr

  • Google kauft Gizmo5

    Für Google Voice

    Die Gerüchte haben sich bestätigt: Google hat die Internet-Telefoniefirma Gizmo5 gekauft. …mehr

  • Mainframe-Geschäft im Wandel

    Nach dem Acadia-Deal

    Wachsamkeit ist angesagt bei IBM, Fujitsu und HP, den Vorreitern und "Großgrundbesitzern" der Mainframe-Landschaft: Die Bundle-Angebote der neuen Koalition von Cisco, EMC und VMware könnten die Szene verändern. …mehr

  • Wie Anwender am Mobilfunk sparen

    Ratgeber Praxis

    Mit einfachen Tricks können Unternehmen Kostenfallen bei der Mobilisierung ihrer Mitarbeiter vermeiden. …mehr

  • LG 42LH5000 im Test

    LCD-TV mit tollem Bild

    Der LCD-TV LG 42LH5000 besitzt ein 42-Zoll-Panel in Full-HD-Auflösung. Die Bildqualität des preiswerten Fernsehers war überdurchschnittlich gut. …mehr

    Von Bernd Weeser-Krell
  • Google arbeitet an schnellerem Web-Protokoll


    Forscher bei Google haben das neue Web-Protokoll "SPDY" entwickelt, das im Labor gut doppelt so schnell arbeitet wie das 1996 etablierte HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). …mehr

  • Samsung bringt Öko-Handy mit Solarzelle

    Blue Earth S7550

    Das Blue Earth S7750 kommt Ende November für 399 Euro nach Deutschland. Jetzt hat Hersteller Samsung angekündigt, mit einem Teil der Einnahmen aus dem Verkauf des Öko-Handys mit Solarzelle den World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) bei ihrem Engagement in der Uckermark zu unterstützen.  …mehr

  • Erwartungen an das IT-Service-Management leicht gesunken

    Erste Itil-Erfolge

    Nach dem aktuellen "ITSM-Barometer" von Exagon sehen die Anwender heute weniger Optimierungspotenziale als im vergangenen Jahr. Vermutlich haben sie diese Potenziale teilweise schon ausgeschöpft. …mehr

  • US-Konzern übernimmt Unitymedia

    Liberty Media

    Der US-Medienkonzern Liberty Media übernimmt den zweitgrößten deutschen Kabelnetzbetreiber Unitymedia. …mehr

  • BMW will mit neuem Logistik-System Kosten senken

    Von IBM und SAP

    Der Automobilhersteller BMW will seine zentrale Ersatzteil-Logistik effizienter gestalten und lässt dafür von IBM und SAP eine neue IT-Plattform entwickeln. …mehr

  • "Decision Engine" Bing integriert Treffer von "Antwortmaschine" WolframAlpha

    Gegen Google

    Wie viele Kalorien hat ein Hamburger? Oder wie weit liegen zwei Städte auseinander? …mehr

  • O2 hält dank Kundenwachstum Umsätze stabil


    Der deutsche Mobilfunkanbieter O2 hat seine Umsätze dank eines kräftigen Kundenwachstums im dritten Quartal stabil halten können. …mehr

  • In der IT-Branche rollt die Übernahmewelle

    Prall gefüllte Kriegskassen

    Die Technologiebranche ist in der schweren Wirtschaftskrise in Einkaufslaune. In den vergangenen Monaten sorgten die Größen der IT-Industrie mit milliardenschweren Übernahmen für Schlagzeilen. …mehr

  • Einstiegsgehälter stagnieren

    Weniger Jobs für Absolventen

    Die Krise trifft Informatikabsolventen stärker als etablierte IT-Profis: Einsteiger finden weniger offene Stellen und können in Sachen Gehalt nicht mehr pokern. …mehr

  • Automatically Copy Selected Text with AutoCopy

    Most users know how to copy text. Select the text with your mouse, then click Edit, Copy--or, better yet, press Ctrl-C on your keyboard. Easy right? …mehr

  • AMD and Intel patch things up, HP buys 3Com

    We had a blockbuster deal this week, with Hewlett-Packard saying it plans to buy 3Com, and a blockbuster settlement, with Advanced Micro Devices and Intel ending a long-running legal dispute. By midnight tonight, Google, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers are supposed to file a revised book-search settlement proposal, which could add to our top stories list for the week. For now, though, what follows are our top IT headlines of the moment.  …mehr

  • HP's 3Com acquisition: An inside look

    It started with a cup of coffee between 3Com COO Ron Sege and HP ProCurve chief Marius Haas a year ago.It ended with this week's $2.7 billion of 3Com by HP. In between were regular dialogue and updates, a demonstration at last May, a technology bake-off in HP labs, and then an offer. …mehr

  • TAFE Keeps Employees Happy with BI Enabled HR

    Founded in 1960, Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE) is not only a tractor manufacturer but also a passenger car distributor. Today, its 4,000-strong workforce is widely distributed both within and outside India, with some located in fairly remote areas. This created hurdles for the company's HR processes. …mehr

  • Google Voice acquires VoIP purveyor Gizmo5

    Since its inception,  has offered a wide range of features for managing your phone calls, with one glaring exception: calls passing through Google Voice have to be directed to another phone number if you actually want to answer them. This gap may now have been closed with Thursday's announcement that , also known as the Gizmo Project. …mehr

  • 1-in-4 now use Firefox to surf the Web

    One in every four people on the Internet are now using Mozilla's open-source Firefox browser, a Web metrics company said this week. …mehr

  • Time To Develop New Business Models?

    There are approximately 18,500 banks and credit union in the U.S.. In this environment of economic recovery, slogging pace of regulatory reform, financial institutions turning over every rock for new fee income, and a reformed credit environment the question just begs the asking -- do we have too many financial institutions here in the U.S.? There is really no question that the high number of banks in the U.S. is a legacy of the old protectionist system ensuring that each community would have access to financial services from a community-based institution. From a theoretical standpoint I would argue that we have seen advances in financial services products, technologies and services that has created over-capacity in the financial services system. Our financial services system has so much capacity that it readily facilitated the housing bubble and subprime credit crisis. In making that argument that there are too many financial institutions, what now? Where do we go from here? …mehr

  • Rogue Amoeba quits iPhone development

    Stories about App Store submission woes have become standard fare in the tech media of late, which has understandably led to some readers groaning "not another App Store sob story" whenever they come across one. But, , iPhone developers are entitled "to a little respect," and constantly being on Apple's case with regard to the App Store approval process is the only way to get them to do something substantial about it. …mehr

  • AT&T letter criticizes Verizon ad campaign

    an open letter to its customers that it says "sets the record straight" about a recent boasting that Verizon has more areas of 3G coverage than AT&T. …mehr

  • Bank of India Reaches Rural Clients with VSATs

    Banking in rural India has also been ridden with challenges, be it with electronic connectivity or availability of electricity. But Bank of India came up with a unique idea and brought core banking to 1,868 rural branches, despite the multiple challenges. …mehr

  • iSing for iPhone

    If you're a fan of or you find yourself haunting local karaoke bars, is right up your alley. Dubbed the, "Worldwide Talent Show for the iPhone and iPod touch," iSing combines the unvarnished honesty of with the bald discomfort of a karaoke bar, letting you vote on 30-second snippets of music recorded by others; you can also create your own 30-second snippets and subject them to a public thumbs up or thumbs down. …mehr

  • Fifth-generation iPod nano gets a firmware fix

    Apple's latest iPod nano got a firmware update Friday, aimed at fixing a few performance issues for the miniature MP3 player. …mehr

  • Microsoft: Win7 tool includes GPL code; software will go open source

    Friday acknowledged that its Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool does indeed include open source code. To correct the error, the company next week will make the source code and binaries for the tool available under terms of the GPL v2 license. …mehr

  • New Xbox Live record: 2 mil players at one time

    Earlier today, reported that a Microsoft exec recently boasted that this past Tuesday was the biggest day in the history of Xbox Live, with over two million players on the service simultaneously. Xbox spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb corroborated the achievement with a earlier today. …mehr

  • GAO: Los Alamos National Lab's cybersecurity lacking

    Cybersecurity efforts to protect a leading U.S. nuclear laboratory's classified computer network remain lacking even after a series of security lapses, according to a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office. …mehr

  • id Software's John Carmack talks iPhone games, Doom

    John Carmack didn't need a lot of time to figure out whether he wanted to develop for the iPhone. It "wasn't a major strategic decision," the game maker says. "I just really like my iPhone." …mehr

  • Is Dell's Android Smartphone Doomed?

    Dell it is releasing an Android-based smartphone, called the Mini 3, in China and Brazil, but the company's lack of details about the handset makes it hard to get excited. Dell's unwillingness to share more about the Mini 3 also has me wondering if the phone just really isn't that exciting and Dell knows it. …mehr

  • Final Fantasy XIII releasing on March 9, 2010

    With Japanese gamers that they would be receiving within the year, US and European RPG fans were getting understandably antsy about when the rest of the world would finally get to play Square-Enix's next epic title. Thankfully, they won't have to wait too long, as the latest trailer (embedded above), announced a March 9, 2010 release date. The reveal comes in the final ten seconds of video, but it's preceded by a slew of developer commentary that's worth watching. …mehr

  • Windows 7 Ads: Microsoft Tarts Up the Desktop

    If this is part of Redmond's alleged scheme to , it's got the wrong idea. …mehr

  • Virtualization Brings Flexibility, Savings to ITC

    With an inflexible IT infrastructure and crowded data centre, ITC was struggling.But Partha Sengupta knew a way out. By virtualizing his infrastructure he avoiding expenses on multiple fronts with the potential to save about Rs 14 crore (US$3 million) over the next five years. …mehr

  • IT Service Management Ensures No Downtime for HCL

    The 30-year-old HCL Technologies BPO Services is India's original IT garage start-up. But today the company has a large range of offerings, a 60,000-strong workforce and operates from 23 countries. …mehr

  • DNS problem linked to DDoS attacks gets worse

    Internet security experts say that misconfigured DSL and cable modems are worsening a well-known problem with the Internet's DNS (domain name system), making it easier for hackers to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against their victims. …mehr

  • Amazon called out over cloud security, secrecy

    Amazon's cloud computing service should not be used for applications that require advanced , the Burton Group analyst firm says in a report accusing Amazon of secrecy regarding its cloud data centers. …mehr

  • Can gadgets be too small, cheap and feature rich?

    Everybody knows mobile gadgets get smaller, cheaper and more feature-rich over time. But at what point are they too small, cheap or functional? …mehr

  • 13 geeky 13th anniversaries for Friday the 13th

    2009 marks the 13th anniversary for a slew of seminal tech industry events, so here on Friday the 13th, is a brief look back at developments both lucky and unlucky. (For our annual ) …mehr

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