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Meldungen vom 29.12.2008

  • Windows 7 Beta 1 kursiert im Internet


    Über Weihnachten ist die erste Beta-Version von Windows 7 in Tauschbörsen aufgetaucht. Doch Vorsicht: Auch Angreifer nutzen die Gelegenheit, um ihre Schädlinge zu verbreiten. …mehr

  • HKC Pearl mit Android oder Windows Mobile 6.1

    Customized Smartphone

    In China scheint es Mode zu werden, Smartphones anzubieten, bei denen der Käufer das Betriebssystem auswählen kann. …mehr

  • Neue Gerüchte um iPhone Nano

    Same procedure

    Stellt Apple in wenigen Tagen ein neues iPhone-Modell vor? Jetzt hat der chinesische Hersteller XSKN eine Schutzhülle für ein angebliches iPhone Nano in seinem Internet-Shop veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • Das Notebook-Zeitalter hat offiziell begonnen

    Desktops enttrohnt

    Erstmals wurden auf Quartalsbasis mehr Notebooks verkauft als normale Desktop-Rechner. …mehr

  • Alan Cox wechselt von Red Hat zu Intel


    Linux-Urgestein Alan Cox wird ab Mitte Januar nicht mehr für Red Hat arbeiten, sondern den Halbleiter-Konzern Intel verstärken.  …mehr

  • Datenmissbrauch, Sucht und Wahlkampf

    Internet 2008

    Das Internet hat die Medienwelt auch 2008 in Atem gehalten. Schlagworte wie Onlinespionage, Onlinesucht und Onlinewahlkampf sorgten für Aufsehen und hitzige Diskussionen. …mehr

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  • RFID kommt allmählich in Schwung

    Innovative Projekte

    Noch kann sich der Barcode entspannt zurücklehnen. Jedoch soll dem lahmenden RFID-Einsatz mit Ausdauer und neuen Anwendungsmodellen auf die Sprünge geholfen werden. …mehr

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  • Kopten-Papst Schenuda III. verbietet Telefon-Beichte


    Der Oberhirte der koptischen Christen in Ägypten hat die Telefonbeichte verboten, damit dem Geheimdienst keine brisanten Informationen in die Hände fallen. …mehr

  • Telekom-Konkurrenten wollen DSL-Lücken schneller schließen


    Die Konkurrenten der Telekom setzen sich hohe Ziele. Sie wollen die DSL-freien Regionen in Deutschland schneller als der Bonner Konzern erschließen. …mehr

  • Vom Innovationsförderer zum Effizienzpartner

    Prognosen 2009, Lünendonk

    CIOs, die mit Weitblick und hoher Prozess-Kompetenz in die Planungen für 2009 und 2010 gehen, werden als Business-Partner wahrgenommen. Der Spagat zwischen Kostenreduzierungen und Effizienzsteigerungen kann mit intelligentem Sourcing Management und flexiblen Prozessen gelingen. …mehr

  • Sony Ericsson wechselt von HTC zu Mobinnova

    Xperia X1-Nachfolger

    Die Nachfolger des Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 werden nicht von HTC produziert. Nach einem Bericht des Branchenportals Digitimes wechselt Sony Ericsson zum Foxconn-Tochterunternehmen Mobinnova. Die Gründe sind unklar. …mehr

  • Mitarbeiter bekommen Android-Handy statt Geld

    Googles Krisenbonus

    Dieses Jahr bekamendie Mitarbeiter von Google statt eines Geldgeschenks zu Weihnachten ein Android-Handy. Doch nicht allen Mitarbeitern wird dieser Wechel der Bonuspolitik gefallen. Das hat mehrere Gründe. …mehr

  • Hopp fordert Optimismus - Plattner sieht schwarz


    SAP-Mitgründer Hasso Plattner ist wenig optimistisch, was die Geschäfte seines Unternehmens betrifft. Und Dietmar Hopp kritisiert die Reaktion des SAP-Managements auf die Krise. …mehr

  • Ab Januar werden Internet-Verbindungen protokolliert


    Im Kampf gegen den Terror werden ab Januar 2009 nun auch die Internet-Verbindungsdaten deutscher Surfer für sechs Monate aufgezeichnet. …mehr

  • Die Top-Artikel für Job, Karriere und Gehalt

    Best of 2008

    Artikel aus dem Ressort Job & Karriere verkauften sich 2008 wie geschnitten Brot. Hier unsere Top Ten zu den Themen: effizienter bewerben, mehr Geld kassieren, besser aussehen und länger überleben. …mehr

  • Katholisches Kirchen-TV vorerst nur im Internet

    Verkündung 2.0

    Die katholische Kirche in Deutschland überprüft ihren Plan für einen eigenen Fernsehsender. Vorerst sollen bewegte Bilder im Internet als Testlauf dienen. …mehr

  • Satyam hires Merrill Lynch to review its 'strategic options'

    Premium-Inhalt. Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services said on Sunday that it hired investment bank DSP Merrill Lynch to review its "strategic options to enhance shareholder value," a hint that the Indian outsourcer is looking to either be acquired or to sell a significant stake to an outside investor.

  • Customizing Word's toolbars

    Premium-Inhalt. Reader Barbara Van Gorder misses some of the cosmetic features found in earlier versions of Microsoft Word. She writes:

  • iPod Touch browser share triples

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple Inc.'s over the last four days has almost tripled its share of the browser market compared to the first 24 days of December, according to a Web metrics company.

  • Text messages small on content, big on profit

    Premium-Inhalt. Much as I’ve tried to avoid it, text messaging has become part of our society, with an estimated 2.5 trillion messages sent in 2008. But like anybody else who’s thought long and hard about the perils of texting, I’ve found myself wondering: why’s it so expensive? The major providers charge around $0.20 for sending these tiny messages that are just 160 characters.

  • Rogue Amoeba releases Audio Hijack Pro 2.9

    Premium-Inhalt. Rogue Amoeba on Monday released an update for its audio recording tool, , bringing the current version to 2.9.

  • iPhone Wikipedia apps

    Premium-Inhalt. is the great argument settler. I can’t tell you how many times my friends and I have had heated debates over some piece of meaningless trivia, only to end it with, “We’ll see who Wikipedia thinks is right.”

  • iBank gets maintenance update

    Premium-Inhalt. IGG Software released a bug fix update for its personal finance manager, .

  • HP unveils Mac compatible home media server

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard on Monday introduced the , the company’s home media server, compatible with both Macs and PCs.

  • Refurbished iPhones now starting from $99 at AT&T

    Premium-Inhalt. If you thought the prices of iPhones couldn’t get any lower, be prepared for shock and amazement. Earlier this month, we reported that AT&T was .

  • Watch out for cinema-style Web ratings

    Premium-Inhalt. Have you ever been to a PG-13 rated Website? Well, you could, if British Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sports Andy Burnham's plan follows through. In an interview with the Burnham said that "cinema-style ratings" should be given to Websites to grade them based on content and decency. And while I would agree with his assessment that the Internet can be "quite a dangerous place," I just don't see a movie-style rating system as a viable solution.

  • Edit code with AppEdit Pro

    Premium-Inhalt. is not the Swiss Army Knife of editors. It's more like a pocket knife--fewer tools, perhaps, but when all you want is a knife, the other tools are just distractions. For HTML and many coding projects, AptEdit Pro is just what you need.

  • Make time this year

    Premium-Inhalt. They say time is the most precious gift we have, ‘cause they ain't making any more of it. But that will change this New Year's Eve when to make up for the Earth's slowing rotation. The will bring the world's two time measurement systems-Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and solar time-into more precise alignment. Without the adjustment all things tech, from the time your computer keeps to your GPS system, would suffer. So, that got us thinking: What can you do with an extra second to set yourself up for 2009?

  • Amazon warns customers of infected digital photo frames

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon.com Inc. last week warned customers running that a digital photo frame it sold through earlier this month might have come with malware on the driver installation CD.

  • IBM, South Carolina work to boost enrollment in IT classes

    Premium-Inhalt. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina has 2,200 IT employees and plenty of open positions. Despite the flagging economy, officials at the Columbia-based insurer are working on new ways to overcome the difficulty of finding people with the right skills to fill those jobs.

  • Lennon speaks from the grave for laptop charity

    Premium-Inhalt. John Lennon is reaching out from beyond the grave, encouraging you to donate laptops to poor children.

  • Acer launches laptop with Intel's quad-core chip

    Premium-Inhalt. Acer on Monday launched a powerful quad-core laptop at a price that may appeal to buyers on a budget.

  • Our Favorite iPhone Apps: Your turn

    Premium-Inhalt. We had our say last week, rattling off our favorite iPhone and iPod touch apps. We listed 38 apps in all that had caught our eye in the six months since the App Store opened its doors. Of course, that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the more than 10,000 apps currently available at the App Store. Surely, some great iPhone and iPod touch programs fell through the cracks.

  • Apple makes a strong holiday showing at Amazon

    Premium-Inhalt. The holiday shopping season hasn't been kind to brick and mortar stores, but on the electronic front, Amazon seems to have been doing just fine for themselves. In fact, they've reported that this has been their . You know who else doesn't seem to be affected by a poor economy? Apple. Put the two together, and you get Christmas magic.

  • Voice-activate your iPhone with Vlingo

    Premium-Inhalt. adds much-needed voice activation technology to your iPhone. You don't have to train it to recognize your voice. Somehow, it's got you all figured out already. It's free, and you can use it to make calls, update Twitter or Facebook's status, and even run a Google or Yahoo Search.

  • More IT budget, staff cuts expected in first half of 2009

    Premium-Inhalt. The number of IT professionals expecting to see budget and head-count cuts grew significantly between October and December, CDW reports, as more large-business decision-makers turn to cost-cutting measures for 2009.

  • Juniper poaching Nortel’s channels?

    Premium-Inhalt. Juniper has the most to gain from tenuous , according to a bulletin issued this month by investment firm Oppenheimer & Co.

  • What not to wear to an IT job interview

    Premium-Inhalt. IT professionals must dress to impress to land a job in 2009, because CIOs say they consider a formal business suit the most appropriate attire for a job interview, the results of a recent survey show.

  • The NOC on systems management

    Premium-Inhalt. EMA recently completed a major landscape survey on network management, including updates on technologies, process, and organization affecting the tools and practices used within network operations. One of the more interesting themes that emerged was the overwhelming indication that systems management is now part and parcel of most network operations teams' daily lives.

  • Five unorthodox PC games to watch in 2009

    Premium-Inhalt. Time's nearly up for 2008, so what's coming exclusive to PC gamers in 2009? Sequels, prequels, and plenty of stuff you've been hearing about for ages (, , and , oh my!). So how about a few you maybe haven't?

  • Microsoft specs out 'Pay-as-you-go' PC scheme

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft Corp. last week applied for a patent that spells out a where users would be charged for both the software they run and the computing horsepower they use.

  • Tasty gingerbread Mac takes us back to Christmas '85

    Premium-Inhalt. Christmas has come and gone, but only a true grinch would deny the greatness that is made entirely out of gingerbread and frosting. Did I say gingerbread and frosting? I must have forgotten to mention the chocolate icons.

  • Buyer's guide: Ethernet switches

    Premium-Inhalt. Every AirPort base station these days has three free Ethernet ports (in addition to the one that connects to your broadband modem), so it's easy to expand your wireless network with wires. There are many times when such wired connections make more sense than wireless alone.

  • Facebook users gripe after breastfeeding pics removed

    Premium-Inhalt. Are breastfeeding photos indecent? The boobs who run Facebook apparently think so, and their decision to delete images of nursing women has led to a minor backlash among users of the social networking site.

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